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Beach 40 Contact and general radio update!

Mar 22 , 2015
Over the last few weeks I've debugged my Beach40 a bit! I found that I'd stuck in the wrong size resistor on the lm386 feedback circuit, 2.2 Ohms, vs the needed 2.2 kilo-Ohms! So, with that fixed, it worked a bit better! (read more...)

Boxed And Ready To Go

Jul 18 , 2014
Well, the Beach40 is boxed up and ready to test! Just working out what else I need to check before putting it on the air! Hopefully I'll be set up at 04:00 UTC tomorrow (2014-07-08), listen out somewhere between 7.007 and 7.230 :)
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Weekend's Efforts

Jul 14 , 2014
Had a bit of a quiet weekend, didn't get a huge amount of radio stuff done, instead mostly housework, looking after the kids and on call work! However, I got my dummy load built:
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Beach40 Finished

Jul 8 , 2014
Well, the soldering is finished anyway! Still have to find a box, get all the connecting hardware, shield the oscillator, and build the L-Match circuit (and maybe the fine tuning circuit, and RF pre-amp).
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Beach40 Transmitting!

Jul 2 , 2014
Have got my Beach40's mic amplifier in, and tweaked the carrier suppression via the balance pot and cap. I'm managing a carrier suppression of 24 dB, which i don't think is too bad for a first time homebrew build, but I do need to get some non-capacitative flathead drivers, would make these things a bit easier!
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Lesson Learnt 001

Jun 24 , 2014
Well, I finally collected all the extra bits I needed, and had an hour or two to proceed further with my Beach40 build, and got my recieve audio amplifier circuit built:
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Beach40 Better Coverage!

May 12 , 2014
Well, after some help from the [Minimalist-QRP]( yahoo group and members of the #technest irc channel, I've got my oscillator going a bit better! It now covers from 7.0041 MHz to 7.2405 MHz, a much more useful range of the 40m band! In the end I used two 7.2 MHz ceramic resonators in parallel, with the O leg of a jaycar varicap and a 1 µH inductor in series with that. (read more...)

Beach40 Start

May 1 , 2014
I've started building Peter Parker [VK3YE]('s 40m Dual Side Band transciever, completing the oscillator Manhattan Style:
I've built it with some 7.2MHz resonators from [MiniKits](, and with the 60-160 pF variable cap I have, it gets me from 6.938MHz to 7.049MHz. Which is not terribly useful for the 20m band (7.0 -> 7.3 MHz). So I'll have to tweak things and work out how to get more swing from the oscillator. (read more...)