Beach40 Transmitting!

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Jul 2 , 2014

Have got my Beach40’s mic amplifier in, and tweaked the carrier suppression via the balance pot and cap. I’m managing a carrier suppression of 24 dB, which i don’t think is too bad for a first time homebrew build, but I do need to get some non-capacitative flathead drivers, would make these things a bit easier!

I’ve also added a banana plug output to the Kenwood’s power supply to allow power to get to the Beach40 and my MST2. It taks up a significantly smaller amount of desk real-estate than the old HP PSU. It does have a bit less power output, the Kenwood is 10A continuous, and the HP is about double that. But they’re both a bit more than is needed for the 100W rig, let alone the homebrew bits!

So, next I need to get to Jaycar to pick up some more resistors, as I’ve run of the needed values! Then getting on to building the RF amplifier stages, and debugging the receiver side.

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