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This site contains various pieces of writing across my various interests.

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APRS working and update!

Jun 18 , 2016

I have finally figured out all the bits for running APRS for tracking to and from my activations, worked well for my last activation of Webb’s Ridge. That’s a bit of a slower drive up via Blue Range Rd out in the brindies, good fun if a bit chilly towards the end!

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Mt Pinnibar SOTA activation

Apr 26 , 2016

I’d decided to try and drive the triton up Mt Pinnibar while camping with the family at Geehi, 33km past Thredbo on the Apline Way. Geehi’s a lovely spot, and I recommend it for camping!

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Back Again

Mar 5 , 2016

So, I haven’t looked at this site for a while, and discovered that it had completely b0rkened!

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Tyrell's Ridge VK2/SM-096 SOTA Activation

Apr 25 , 2015

I’d planned a camping trip a few months ago with some friends at Geehi in the snowy mountains, a 45 minute drive, about 35kms past Thredbo on the Apline Way. So, thinking about it a bit more, I decided to see if there are any close by SOTA peaks, lo and behold, there are two, Mt Youngall a 10 pointer, and Tyrell’s Ridge, 4 points and not previously activated!

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Beach 40 Contact and general radio update!

Mar 22 , 2015

Over the last few weeks I’ve debugged my Beach40 a bit! I found that I’d stuck in the wrong size resistor on the lm386 feedback circuit, 2.2 Ohms, vs the needed 2.2 kilo-Ohms! So, with that fixed, it worked a bit better!

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Mt Ginini

Mar 9 , 2015

A public holiday Monday with lovely weather, and some restless kids, so I took them up the hills to let Mum have a bit of a rest.

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