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Mqtt Graphing

Jul 25 , 2016
Having attended the LCA2016 [OpenHardware miniconf]( I have an [ESPlant]( module, and it had just sat in it's packet since the conference in February! (read more...)

Back Again

Mar 5 , 2016
So, I haven't looked at this site for a while, and discovered that it had completely b0rkened! (read more...)

Compiling Wsjtx On Debian X64

May 27 , 2014
dpkg -add-architecture i386 sudo apt-get install gcc g++ gfortran make libfftw3-dev \ libpulse-dev libhamlib-dev qtbase5-dev pulseaudio subversion \ libgfortran3:i386 libc6-i386 libqt5multimedia5-plugins \ qtmultimedia5-dev svn co svn:// cd wsjtx mkdir build cd wsjtx cmake ../ make -j4 cp ../*.dat ../*.txt ./ cp -R ../Palettes ../samples ./ chmod +x contrib/kvasd ln -s lib/jt9 ./ ./wsjtx (read more...)

Rf Probe

Apr 5 , 2014
Well, I started my radio building journey today, by building an RF probe: (read more...)

Building GnuRadio from git on Debian 7

Feb 17 , 2014
Okay, so in order to play with some new blocks I found, [gr-rds] ( in particular. It appears I needed a newer version of gnuradio than I had previously built from git to get the Control Port functions these blocks require. (read more...)