Beach40 Finished

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Jul 8 , 2014

Well, the soldering is finished anyway! Still have to find a box, get all the connecting hardware, shield the oscillator, and build the L-Match circuit (and maybe the fine tuning circuit, and RF pre-amp).

TX was working fine as I put the driver circuit in, will test the RF AMP after I build a dummy load.

RX on the other hand, does not appear to be going so well! There is a large difference on the scope at various points along the RX chain between when my 20m 1/2 wave dipole antenna is connected vs without, but there appears to be no change in the audio output at the headphones. I’ve tried having the phones in series and parallel, little difference.

Here’s the circuit, tho it’s hard to see all the details. I’ll have to check the schematic and make sure I’ve got it all together properly!

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