Back Again

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Mar 5 , 2016

So, I haven’t looked at this site for a while, and discovered that it had completely b0rkened!

Github pages decided to do SSL by default, with strict transport security on all domains. This is great! An awesome idea, but, it doesn’t work if you have a custom domain, such as mine :(

So, I’ve fixed it all up by going the easy way out and hosting the blog on my home server again. I may end up moving it to a VPS or similar one day, but it’s good for now.

In terms of radio and SOTA activities, I’ve not had a lot of outings over Christmas and in the new year. Some illness and busyness with looking after kids has prevented me from doing much more than quick drive-ups. Hopefully that’ll change over the year, but we’ll see how we go!

I’ve bought a Mitsubishi Triton, which should help me get up the harder peaks not too far away, and get the family out camping. Geehi in the April school holidays is our next one, hope to activate Mt Pinnibar on the Saturday, further details on SOTAWatch as usual.

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