Booroomba Rocks SOTA activation

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Jan 5 , 2015

I had some time to get out and do some SOTA for the new year rollover and decided to do a bit more of a tricky one Booroomba Rocks, VK1/AC-026.

It’s a lovely drive out to the trail head, winding through the Namadgi National Park, and some interesting driving on 3kms of steep winding dirt road. Then the walk up is pretty steep to start off!

I managed to get to the cliffs without too much difficulty, but then finding my way up to the summit was a bit trickier! I did, after some scrabbling through the bush, and getting disoriented, and slightly lost, find my way to the cairn marked trail. When I could see the summit, I decided I’d had enough of this rubbish, and since I was in the activation zone decided to set up and get going.

I managed to remember the sunscreen this time, and Applied liberally to my face and arms, forgetting my legs :( The soaked myself with some Bushman’s.

Got set for some 6m stuff, managed a QSO 113km away with VK2DO, and a s2s with Vk1NAM and VK1DA on the not too far away Mt Tumanang

Then settled in for 40m, which was going off.

I had 9 QSOs before the rollover, one of which was not a S2S. After the rollover 28, with 5 non-s2s contacts.

As usual, I was time constrained, and had to go before getting the epic amount of contacts some people managed, but I did manage to chase a VK7 summit finally!

So some thoughts.

I need to make sure I have more time up on the summit, so I don’t feel rushed and start making mistakes I need to get some maps, and a compass, and practice navigation. I should take some food, and make sure to eat it on the summit. Especially when it’s getting close to lunch time. I need to put sunscreen on more regularly, and put it on everywhere that’s bare! I need to scout the route more thoroughly before setting out.

Water was about right this time. Took 2.5L up the hill and drank 2L while out, and another 600 mL or so on the drive home.

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