6m Delta loop

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Dec 30 , 2014
6m Delta loop on a squidpole
6m Delta loop rolled up for travel

In preperation for the next VHF/UHF field day, and for the 2015 SOTA challenge, I thought I’d build a proper antenna for 6m.

After some googling, a delta loop looked easy enough to build, so according to the instructions from GW7AAV, I built myself one with bits I had lying around, and managed to fit it to the squidpole for SOTA ops.

So for the new year UTC rollover, I was up at Booroomba Rocks, VK1/AC-026, and had a few contacts on 6m, furthest I think was to Longbeach NSW, about 113km. Not to bad for a first effort I reckon!

For the support, I have 2 bits of PVC pipe about 1m long, joined with a T-joint which has a ~15mm hole drilled in the centre so it sits down the squidpole a bit.

To support the wire, I drilled a 3mm hole about 3mm in from the end of both pipes, then pulled the bit to the edge to create a bit of a notch for the wire to lay in.

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