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Oct 27 , 2014
7MHz low pass filter sweep

I recently bought an HP 8601 sweep generator from a local ham’s shack clearout, and thought I’d have a look at some filters and see what happens.

Hooked up the sweep-out of the generator to channel 1 of the scope, and the filter output into channel 2, set the trigger to channel 1 and positioned it for a good view. For the 7 MHz low pass filter of my Beach40 transciever, I set the generator to 12MHz and 10MHz width, and got a nice look at the filter.

For the crystal filter in my MST2, I set it to 10MHz with about a 40 kHz width, and also got a pretty picture of the filter response!

3kHz Crystal filter sweep

I think there are some wierd effects from my lack of 50 ohm terimnation on the scope, but they kind of look like I’d expect them to, a bit of fun :)

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