5w Dx!

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Aug 28 , 2014

Woooo! Pretty excited, i had a day off yesterday, and in the afternoon thought I’d have a bit of a play with radios, and finally got a good DX SSB contact with my 5W OzQRP MST2. I managed to get to Europe, Coray France to be a bit more precise. It was with Frank, F5PAU, he’s running 1KW into a yagi, a pretty impressive setup!

I could read Frank a good 5 x 10 over 9 with my dipole, and I received a 5 x 1, tho had to repeat my callsign a bit for it to be copyable! But once that was done, Frank did not seem to have trouble understanding me!

So, it’s true 5W can get you to the world :)

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