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Jul 27 , 2014

Today was the VK1 (And most of the rest of VK!) SOTA party, and I did my first ever activation on Mt Ainslie, VK1/AC-040, and had a bit of fun! I learnt just how far down the hill the activation zone starts, 25m altitude is a bit further than I thought!

Here’s my chair at the summit pole, the end fed antenna is strung up in the trees to the left.

I didn’t get my Beach40 working in time, so I was on 20m, 2m and 70cm. Managed 9 contacts, 7 of which were Summit 2 Summit:

Time Frequency Mode Call Summit Notes
00:01 439.000MHz FM VK1RW/P VK1/AC-035 S59R59 Thanks Rob!
00:10 439.000MHz FM VK2FAJW/P VK1/AC-038 S59R59 Thanks Andrew!
00:12 14.320MHz SSB VK1RX/P VK1/AC-025 S59R59 Thanks Al!
00:15 146.5MHz FM VK1DI/P VK1/AC-023 S59R59 Thanks Ian!
00:16 146.5MHz FM VK1DSH   S59R59 Thanks Dale!
00:17 146.5MHz FM VK1NAM/P VK1/AC-032 S59R59 Thanks Andrew!
00:33 14.310MHz SSB VK1MA/P VK1/AC-042 S59R59 Thanks!
00:35 14.310MHz SSB VK8MA/P   S57R52 Thanks Greg!
00:47 14.305MHz SSB VK1EM/P VK1/AC-043 S59R59 Thanks!

40m was where it was at, with some of the other guys getting over 60 contacts! So, for next time, I’d better get the beach40 fixed, or figure out a different way to get the band up!

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