Mst2 20m Buildlog Day1

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Apr 19 , 2014

In continuation of my radio building, I have started on my OzQRP MST2, 20m band SSB radio kit. Ordered on Wednesday, it arrived Thursday afternoon! It helps that I live quite close to where they’re sent from!

I’ve put together the DDS VFO and the LED S-Meter, my soldering was a bit rusty, but I’ve definitely improved over the two pieces, and the borrowing of a Hakko 936 from MakeHackVoid, the local hackerspace, certainly assisted!

I only put 3 components in the wrong spot, but it wasn’t too hard to pull them out and put in the right ones, a bit tedious though! Here’s some detail of the bits.

Now comes the slightly harder bit, building the radio board! Have to hand wind some RF transformers, at least there’s no SMT soldering! Then the really hard bit, drilling and cutting the enclosure faces and mounting the hardware. Will post as I complete bits!

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